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Key to success: Shop window presentation & shop fittings

Shop fittings and shop windows are essential tools for sales promotion. The shop window is the business card of the shop and influences the willingness to enter the shop. If the customer is in the shop, an attractive, clear and target group-oriented shop furnishing can positively influence the purchase decision as well as promote the repurchase and the conversion.

The problem

They have neither the financial means nor the time or expertise to deal professionally with the subject of shop window and shop design. Either you spend a lot of valuable time thinking about the design of your shop, looking for decorative material together, etc. or you don't have the time to redesign your shop or the shop window.

The solution

plus Deko relieves you of the laborious and time-consuming design of shop windows and stores and allows you to invest your energy in sales and customers. We offer you professional and absolutely cost-effective support with shop fitting as well as the decoration of the shop and shop window. We use the latest findings in store design to turn a visit to your store into an emotional experience that makes you want to come back.

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