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The best solution in the field of product photography

This photo box is, due to the unique intelligent technology for automatic background removal, a compact solution for creating professional product images.

The key element is the corresponding editor software, which allows direct control of the hardware. The camera, a 360° motorized turntable and 6 independently dimmable panels, consisting of thousands of special LED lights, can be conveniently controlled from the PC. This makes it easy to create unlocked, high-resolution photos with consistent quality.


max. size of the object - 50 x 70 x 30 cm (WxHxD)

max. central load - 40kg

Output 2D - PNG, JPEG

Output 360° - HTML5, Flash, animated GIF

Why are good product images important?

Convincing product images are indispensable for online shops.

In a retail store, customers like to look at a product before they buy it. You hold it in your hand, look at it from every side, look closely at the details and check the material.

This direct contact and the associated sensory impressions are missing in online shops. Some impressions can be conveyed through a good description, but more directly through the visual impression of good product images. The pictures of your product are the very first thing a customer looks at after he gets to the product page.

High-quality and professional product images are a clear signal for the quality of your product and service for every customer.

Our service: Photos for your webshop!

Whether plus H led products or own products, we provide high-quality and professional product photos for you.

Exempted and high-resolution

optimally illuminated

with or without shadow

with or without individual background

in jpg or png file format

with transfer of rights of use

For your own products we take over all necessary preparations, such as unpacking, ironing, setting up, etc., of course.

If required, we can create a 360° presentation with 12 or 24 individual images for products that you would like to highlight.

You can find a price list in our online shop ( under general downloads.

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