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ChiaoGoo – premium needles of the highest quaility


The philosophy of the brand is reduction to the essential - beauty through natural simplicity. Raw materials of the highest quality are combined with a clear and functional design. The result is precisely manufactured and thoughtfully designed products that open up a new dimension in knitting pleasure.

The foundation of the company was laid by grandfather Zheng over 100 years ago in Linan, the Chinese bamboo center. His son followed in the family tradition and opened a manufacturing facility in the early 1980's that specialized in the production of bamboo knitting needles. His wife played a decisive role in the success of the brand. This passionate knitter, the founder of ChiaoGoo's vision, is the perfect tool for knitters and crocheters. Inspired by her, the company was named ChiaoGoo, which means "talented and smart lady".

Today grandchildren Zheng's grandchildren successfully continue the family business. They are also from Linan. The region is world famous because of its largest and strongest bamboo - the Moso bamboo. The special quality of this bamboo is one of the secrets of the ChiaoGoo bamboo needles.

In addition to bamboo as a traditional source of the company, ChiaoGoo increasingly uses a particularly high-quality stainless steel. The hand-made needles made of this special stainless steel are manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies in numerous elaborate steps and are also suitable for particularly sensitive hands. All needles are ideally balanced and application-optimized. They have seamless transitions and perfectly shaped tips that are slightly longer than usual for an even finer mesh pattern.


ChiaoGoo – perfection of aesthetics and function.


Comeback of the year


Myboshi is rapidly becoming an issue again. With his creativity Thomas Jaenisch revives the market in a well-known strength and joins the successes of the past.

myboshi makes creative and innovative marketing that does the retail trade good, invigorates the market and generates sales. With plus H you not only get myboshi, but also the "favorite colors", the exclusive brand for the specialized trade.

myboshi - with 1 million visitors per month on the homepage - a brand that remains highly popular.


New Products 2017:

50/50 - cotton meets merino - great color selection


Lieblingsprodukte unserer Kunden:

Lieblingsfarben – Cotton Kapok blend in 26 favorite colors

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Once Lamana, always Lamana


Lamana is a young wool and fashion label founded in 2010 by the brothers Johannes and Benjamin in Bielefeld. The brand stands for first-class yarns, guarantees good resales and is exclusive to specialist traders.

The brand has developed rapidly and is one of the most promising "wool innovations".

With Lamana, the retailer gets a sales guarantee in the store, which offers a real alternative to the established brands for the upper price range.

Lamana – a premium brand that should not be missing in any store for quality-conscious buyers.



Cork - a unique natural product


plus H won over Carmo da Silva for a cooperation and has since 2016 successfully introduced high-quality cork products from Portugal into the German specialist trade.

From the noble raw material of the cork oak, collections are created that surpass even the highest quality leather products in appearance and feel. The positive difference to leather is above all in the insensitivity of the cork and the fact that for the production of the creations no animals must die. On the contrary, the cork oak is even the basis for a globally unique ecosystem. Minor deviations in the grain and color are desired in order to make each piece a unique piece.

Cork by Incorknito - a must for those looking for the extraordinary.


Favorite products of our customers:

Starter set cork leather (all colors and designs to get to know)

Lady Dee’s Traumgarne

The No.1 of the gradient yarns


Lady Dee is considered the founder of a new era of yarn - the gradient yarns.

Their yarns are already no longer indispensable in the retail trade. Genuine pieces of jewelery that not only revive the handicraft industry in color, but also guarantee additional sales for specialist retailers. The gradient yarns are available in a wide variety of colors and run lengths and are real eye-catchers, even collectibles, which lend any shop fitting shine.

The balls are made in elaborate manual work. In each case, individual threads are exchanged and reconnected with mini knots that are hardly or not at all visible in the finished product. This elaborate process creates distinctive color gradients and shows how passionate Lady Dee and her team stand behind their craft. Lady Dee's dream yarns are often copied but not matched in quality and color.

f you are looking for quality, buy the original from Lady Dee.


New Products 2017:

changing color palette


Favorite products of our customers:

Gradient yarns with approx. 1000m run length

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